About us

We are a leading wealth manager with strong global investment banking and asset management capabilities.

Large Enough To Help You.

1Click 2Go Bank is based in Roseau, Dominica and is the Head Office of 1Click 2Go Group. As such, 1Click 2Go Bank exercises consolidated supervision from Dominica over its Group entities, ensures adequate liquidity, risk diversification and capital adequacy at Group level. 1Click 2Go Bank’s detailed description is available at web page. All Group entities are fully and directly owned by 1Click 2Go Bank.
The Group operates in accordance with Dominica Banking Regulations, the Banking Secrecy Act and International Banking Law, and is mandated in offering complete Banking services to all International Clientele, both on a Personal and Corporate level and is a full-service financial institution specializing in customized banking products and services.
1Click 2Go Bank is a leading with considerable financial expertise. Through innovative services and forward-thinking, 1Click 2Go Bank aims to be an-Eastern Caribbean with strong international proyection trailblazer in banking, providing the bench mark for return to all stakeholders. Through our Corporate, Business, Private, Personal and Internet Banking divisions we are able to adequately address the financial needs of various segments of the market. Furthermore, our Trade, Treasury and Credit departments complement our broad range of financial services with their unique and innovative banking products.
1Click 2Go Bank, provides personal and business banking services, is primarily engaged in the business of attracting deposits from the general public to offer investment solutions and portfolio management designed according to each client’s personal needs. In addition to the main focus, the Bank offers Time Deposits, Credit Cards, Money Market accounts, loans. It offers current and giro, international, savings, and other accounts; domestic payment operations, international payment operations, deposits, and other services; cash, mortgage, consumer, agro, and other loans, as well as loans for working capital and tourism development; and, brokerage, e-banking, and online services.
1Click 2Go Crypto is the bank’s commitment to new technologies in crypto markets and is a global payment services company that provides B2B, B2C and C2B services. It is designed with a focus on digital enterprises in mind, and as a result, it allows businesses to send, receive and sell crypto while making it possible to immediately deposit the cash after converting their cryptocurrency to Fiat currency.
Businesses can open dedicated bank accounts in their own names from anywhere in the world. World Opportunites and Canadian subsidiaries delivers lower-cost and speedier cross-border trade, challenging traditional payment methods. You can send and receive compatible crypto to other businesses and easily make B2B, SEPA wherever you are.
We, 1Click 2Go Bank are an entrepreneurial, independent private bank for customers who want a partner with the highest level of service and customer orientation. Our business policy is risk-conscious and sets the highest standards for all legal and regulatory requirements. Transparency, fairness and high ethical standards are just as much a part of our values as performance and professionalism, all of which we put at the service of our customers.
The team of Private Bank, we provide advice and guidance based on personal relationships that stand the test of time. Our team of professional portfolio managers and investment advisors give our clients the service they expect and deserve.
1Click 2Go Bank is committed to provide all the above mentioned products and services in a very confidential and secure environment, being the main objective to protect customer information.
1Click 2Go Bank makes banking easy and accessible.

A “World Opportunity Fund” company

World Opportunites Fund is Canadian Financial Group member of AC Fidelity Fund US Companies.
The group holds 100% of the capital of 1Click 2Go Bank and subsidiaries through direct and indirect participation through subsidiaries that are shareholders of 1Click 2Go Bank.
As of today, its capitalization exceeds 440 million dollars.
“With the strength and intelligence of a large group”


Based in Canada, one of the world’s safest and most stable jurisdictions (AAA country rating), World Opportunities Fund enjoys the perfect foundation of a liberal national economy in one of the most business-friendly financial centres in the world. With regard to our business policy, World Opportunites Fund has long nurtured a conservative business profile and thus has consistently delivered solid performance figures. Our customers choose us because of the risks we avoid, not because of the risks we take.

Our customers are at the heart of our thoughts and actions at all times. Personal advice, discretion and professionalism are more than just slogans for us. We have built a team of long-time, experienced customer advisors, who draw on a broad team of internal specialists in order to develop individual, tailored solutions. The interests of our international, institutional and high-net-worth private customers are always our highest concern.

Regardless of where our customers are from, we want them to feel at home with us. For that reason we also work with our customers through financial intermediaries in their region. These partners include trustees, family offices, asset administrators, lawyers, tax advisors and chartered accountants. Our independence vis-à-vis third parties allows us to base our actions solely on the interests of our customers. In addition, our multicultural approach – that is, the languages of all of our core markets are handled by native speakers in our customer advisory services – separates us from the pack and is highly valued. The World Opportunites Fund philosophy also means that our entrepreneurially oriented customers work with like-minded, entrepreneurial partners at the group. By giving our employees the opportunity to become shareholders of the group, they are able to participate in the earnings of the group and thus themselves act as entrepreneurs.
Since the establishment the activity of the bank was mainly focused on working with companies. Today the bank has extended its activities also on retail. Today the bank is subsidiary of World Opportunities Fund Inc, Canadian Corporation and financial institution with MSB licence M21004442, authorised and supervised by the Financial Supervisory of Canada, FINTRAC, and regulated by the Revenue Québec for Money Services Business and automated teller machines, licence number 904711 and registered in the “Office of the Protection du Consommateur” (OPC), for financial protection for consumers with licence number 17207-1 for money lender activities and licence 17263-1 for “high-cost credit contract”

In our actions we hold ourselves to the following principles:

  • Observing our duty of care and privacy
  • Preserving our reputation
  • Reliability through responsible action
  • Integrity by acting in accordance with ethical principles
  • Fairness in regard to our competitors
  • Commitment to advancing the banking and financial center of Dominica
  • Innovation for the purpose of increasing the attractiveness, competitive ability and professionalism of the banking and financial center of Dominica
  • Motivation, specialized technical expertise, loyalty and integrity of our employees
  • Transparency in communication to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Solidarity by assuming social responsibility

We are dedicated to supporting organizations that help those in need and have put this commitment into action for many years .

In the future we will continue to seek opportunities to further our development, to use progress to our benefit and to support projects that help our clients feel completely comfortable with us. Join us on this journey and discover our true values!

History and Organization

Since 2016, we have been pursuing our own, new path as a Dominica private bank. We are adept at the full range of a classic private bank. But we have also defined and expanded what it means to be a private bank in a new way and in your interest. The focus is always on your wealth and how to manage, plan, invest, and especially increase it. What is it about us that makes us new? 1Click 2Go Bank means actual personal service. Comprehensive services and service quality, just as you need it. Performance and sustainability in practice – in all areas, from the bank building to your investments.
Since the establishment the activity of the bank was mainly focused on working with companies. Today the bank has extended its activities also on retail.
Our team of more than 44 employees take care of your financial concerns every day. Our team works concertedly for you and your assets. As different as our various personalities are, our crew is united in terms of competence, professionalism, and quality of service.

The New Responsibility

As a private bank, we take responsibility. Not only for your assets. As a company, we also have a responsibility towards society, our employees, future generations, and the environment. Corporate responsibility is not just an empty phrase for us. Sustainable and ethical behaviour are part of our very substance. Responsibility is the common thread that runs through the fabric of 1Clkick 2Go Bank – from fair asset management and our social commitment to supporting young talent to our ideal and modern working conditions.

Location Dominica

Financial Centre

Dominica is known internationally for its high quality in the field of finance. In addition to its political stability and liberal company and tax law, legally enshrined banking secrecy is only one further aspect of the optimal framework conditions of the financial centre.

Is an excellent location for financial service providers and their customers. Financial services are the largest economic sector after industry. And since the importance of the financial sector is above average compared to other countries, the long-term orientation of the financial centre is of great importance for Doiminica. The basis for this is the comprehensive international networking.

The financial centre offers many advantages, such as:

  • Economic and political stability
  • Highest creditworthiness
  • No public debt
  • Close ties to the Easter
  • Caribbean financial centre
  • A strong and stable Currency
  • Free international market.
  • Member of several international organizations (UN, EFTA, WTO, …)
  • Stable legislation and tax policy