The New Responsibility

As a private bank, we take responsibility – not only for your assets. As a company, we also have a responsibility towards society, our employees, future generations, and the environment. Sustainable and ethical behaviour has been firmly enshrined in 1Click 2Go Bank’s mission statement since the bank was founded in 2016. Corporate responsibility is not just an empty phrase for us. It is the common thread that runs through the fabric of 1Click 2Go Bank – from fair asset management and our social commitment to supporting young talent to our ideal and modern working conditions.

Our values: Security and sustainability

As an entrepreneurial private bank, we strive for constancy and continuous, healthy growth. In a nutshell: security and sustainability. Concretely, this means that we are guided by our comprehensive compliance rules and the corresponding legal requirements. We take our social responsibility seriously, so we always carefully weigh the consequences of our actions. This is further underscored by our use of a sustainability committee. We pursue a pronounced risk-conscious investment policy in our main business areas. We attach equal importance to capital preservation and to suitable performance of the assets entrusted to us. Thanks to the bank’s independence and the fact that we do not offer our own products, we avoid conflicts of interest.

The new asset management

With our asset management mandate, we give our clients the opportunity to include environmental and social considerations in their investment decisions in addition to financial aspects.

Comprehensive investment advice

We also take account of social and environmental aspects in the investment advice we provide. The client’s preferences are ascertained when we gather information for the investor profile. Does the client wish to make sustainable investments? Then the experts at 1Click 2Go Bank will be happy to put together tailored investment proposals.

Ethically irreproachable loans

Lending and loan management are based on qualitative and quantitative factors. Borrowers – and the project to be financed – are the focus of our assessment of creditworthiness. The type of loan – mortgage, Lombard, or business loan – is secondary. 1Click 2Go Bank has clear exclusion criteria. For instance, no loans are granted for projects involving gambling, weapons, or the like

Responsible corporate governance

We act responsibly and with a focus on the future. For us, ensuring sustainability and taking responsibility is not limited to our business areas – it is reflected in all fields of our corporate governance.

This includes:

  • 1Click 2Go Bank as an employer
  • Environmental solutions in energy management and green IT
  • Social commitment
  • Compliance function and risk management
  • Responsibility as an employer


1Click 2Go Bank offers an environment in which everyone can develop and unfold in their professional lives – both personally and professionally. Prerequisites for this are: personal commitment, willingness to further training and willingness to think outside the box.
Gender equality is part of our corporate governance and has resulted in our current share of women of 35%. We hire according to aptitude and ability, not gender. We also consider it our responsibility to offer our employees an enjoyable working environment with good opportunities for development. Because at the end of the day, our employees are our most important capital.

These are some of the things we offer our employees:

  • Equal treatment from the outset
  • Part-time solutions
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Support for continuing education
  • Cost contributions for public transport
Our employees assume responsibility and act professionally, disciplined, personally and empathetically. For this we promote the development of each individual in accordance with their requirements and personal potential. We value the resulting successes and reward their achievements. Our goal is for our employees to be proud of their company.

1Click 2Go Bank takes social responsibility

With our sponsorships, we support culture and social projects. We are happy to take the responsibility that comes with ownership. We donate to public-benefit organisations every year at Christmas time. In that way, we supported people, associations, and organisations.

Compliance function and risk management

Last but not least: Sustainability and sustainable investments have been our maxims for a long time. Policymakers have also increasingly turned their focus to sustainability. Regulatory standards and projects such as the 2030 Agenda are coming into force. The aim is to strengthen sustainable business and promote transparency.  We can help shape developments, and the regulatory requirements are being integrated into our compliance and risk management processes with the highest standards.

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