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Full alternatives   loans and funding for business owners combined with our Investment Bank’sexperience.

Wealth management or asset management ?

Asset Management vs Wealth Management: Which Option is Appropriate for You?

The decision to choose between asset management or wealth management services depends on your individual objectives. If your primary goal is to receive help with investing, an asset manager is the most appropriate choice. An asset manager can help you uncover the most advantageous investment options for your portfolio while allowing you to maintain control over the other areas of your money.

If you desire assistance in establishing and over seeing your money in acomprehensive manner, you should seek the services of a wealth manager. Wealth managers provide comprehensive assistance in variousareas, including education planning, estate planning, and other related matters.
You may require both sorts of services, 1CLICK 2GO BANK will assist all your choice

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1Click 2Go Bank &Trust Ltd is an International financial institution incorporated in Dominica, the bank has been licensed by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica to conduct International Banking Business as an off-shore bank. It is authorized and regulated by supervision of The Financial Services Unit (F.S.U.) dependant of the Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Dominica’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is the Central Authority for AML reporting and is the responsible for enforcing Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies for all financial institutions doing business in Dominica, it operates under the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) guidelines. 1Click 2Go Bank & Trust is registered in the “Register of Banks & Bankers” of this financial authority with “International Banking License” Class A, with an authorized capital of US$44,000,000.00.The most relevant deposit are not protected by the Government of Commonwealth of Dominica, but 1Click 2Go Bank has issued an insurance policy for protected at our customers, and are protected per an insurance private policy, that covers and protects to 1Click 2Go Bank and your customers per the services “Insurance Compensation ” up to a total of $260,000.00USD per customer, the deposit protection is issued and guarantee by “International Insurance Company”. Any Deposit you hold above the $260,000.00USD are not covered. The conditions of the policy are available to our customers.

1Click 2Go Bank and Trust Ltd is an independent International Bank – it is not affiliated with any other bank or organisation (including the 1Click 2Go newspaper or its publishers) anywhere in the world. “1Click 2Go Bank” is the registered trademark of AC Fidelity Fund Corporation NMLS ID 4045031/7.

1Click 2Go Bank and Trust Ltd is a member of SwiftTM, and registered in LEI and FACTA.