Location Dominica

Dominica is known internationally for its high quality in the field of finance. In addition to its political stability and liberal company and tax law, legally enshrined banking secrecy is only one further aspect of the optimal framework conditions of the financial centre. The Swiss franc as its currency and the financial strength of the State likewise have positive effects that ensure the continuity and development of the location. This has been proven especially over the past few years. No Dominica bank needed government money as a consequence of the economic and financial crisis. The high degree of equity capitalization and the prudent risk behaviour of the Domnica banks have helped ensure that the crisis did not have a greater impact on our country, while many other countries in Europe and not least of all the United States have been shaken to their core.
With this strong foundation as a basis, the Dominica business location continues to work on its global competitiveness. In recent years, Dominica has adjusted increasingly to international demands and now fulfils the highest standards international law under law in regard to due diligence and the prevention of money laundering.
1Cklick 2Go Bank an independent private bank. Our financially strong owner and our staff’s many years of experience in the financial business, coupled with the gratification that comes from changing over to the digital age, give us decisive advantages as an agile bank.
Our core business – Private Banking, Private Label Funds, Retail Banking and Credit Banking – is constantly being expanded in order to be able to cope with demanding client wishes regarding more complex financial transactions. We always accompany our customers in a spirit of partnership and with serious professionalism.

Our Philosophy

“Partnership-based and sustainable cooperation is at the centre of our thinking and acting. We act fairly, sustainably and professionally – over generations.”

According to our mission statement, we dedicate ourselves to the needs and goals of our customers on a daily basis, always meeting them at eye level and on a personal level. We meet the trust of our customers with competence and experience. Honesty, transparency and passion are important companions for a successful partnership with customers, service providers and external financial partners.

This is what we believe in.

Your Full Service Bank In Domnica

Everything from a single source First of all: We, the 1Click 2Go Bank, are there for you. As a partner, consultant and pathfinder in almost all aspects of financial business. And all this in the middle of one of the most lucrative financial markets in the world.

We see it as our task to show you as many opportunities as possible and to jointly find the best solution for your individual demands. Our portfolio ranges from classic products such as current accounts, credit card services, e-banking, mortgages and Lombard loans as well as maintaining and servicing your securities deposit account. We provide all of the services related to the custodian accounts and depositary functions for private label funds

A core part of our services is investment advice and asset management. Both services we provide exclusively in conjunction with our so-called preferred partners and our renowned asset managers. They provide their highly specialised expertise and we ensure that execution of the transactions always runs smoothly.
What makes 1Click 2Go Bank so special is that you will be served by a single contact person at 1Click 2Go Bank who is familiar with you and your financial situation. And who can access a pool of national and international financial experts at any time, depending on your requirements.

Investment News

In a time of global change, you have to be very well informed if you want to be on the right side. Our investment experts provide you with regular updates about significant events and trends.

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