Custody and Trustee services

Custody and trustee services primarily cater to asset managers assolutions. Asset managers, who are responsible for managing investments on behalf of third parties, are required by authorities to maintain a distinct separation between the assets owned by the management company and those owned by its clients. This is a protective measure implemented to avoid the theft, misappropriation, or loss of customer assets. Portfolio managers must arrange for a custodian to hold the assets they manage for their clients when ever they launch a fund. The custodian is responsible for settling and/or delivering securities to the client when the asset manager purchases or sells securities on behalf of the client. Custodians are tasked with over seeing the maintenance and administration of security measures. During the duration in which a security is held, theremay be a distribution of dividends for shares or interest payments for bonds. The custodian’s responsibility is to authenticate the manager’sentitlement to receive the dividend or coupon.

The Importance Of Trustee And Custodian Services

Our responsibilities as Trustee and Custodian consist of:

  • Physical and electronic custody of assets
  • Recognition and transfer of assets under custody
  • Asset substitution for the Funds is being processed.
  • Providing regular reports to the regulatory authorities
  • Providing custody reports upon request Interacting with regulators as necessary
  • Confirmation of annual audits

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