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At OneClick2Go, we prioritize our clients and consistently strive to attain the utmost level of excellence in our service. We acknowledge that there may be instances where issues arise, perhaps resulting in a complaint. A consumer complaint provides us with the chance to address any sources of unhappiness and enhance client relationships.

If your query instead relates to a potential scam or fraud:

Please report all relevant emails

Is this 1CLICK2GOPRIVATEBANK.COM email legit?

1Click sttaff will never ask for personal information over email, such as your:

  • Payment info
  • Password, PIN

Social Security or tax identification number can be required only for updating or idenify by email registered on our system

Request payments via a 3rd party (for example, Western Union)

Ask you to download anything from our emails

Emails about account activity

We send emails about account activity to help keep your account safe. This includes:

New logins

New Family or Duo members

For security, you can’t turn these emails off.

If you see any activity you don’t recognize, go to account takeover help.

Have a suspicious email?

An email is suspicious if the sender email doesn’t end in “”, or if you’re simply not sure about it.

Don’t respond to, click any links, or download anything in the email. If you already did:

Reset your password.

Change your password on any other sites where you use the same password.

Contact your bank if you think your financial details have been compromised.

Report a suspicious email

Forward the email to

Delete the email.

Our team will investigate and let you know if the email is legitimate.